PTI fires salvo at Solangi for his continuous tirade against President Alvi

PTI fires salvo at Solangi for his continuous tirade against President Alvi

— Information minister’s attempt to distort facts about level playing field reprehensible, says PTI

— PTI says only blind, mindless, insensible could ignore state terrorism,

— Worst crackdowns against PTI

—- Urges caretakers to focus on constitutional role rather facilitating implementation of undemocratic agenda

By Raza Ruman

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has fired a salvo at the caretaker Federal Minister for Information Murtaza Solangi for his shameful attempts to distort facts regarding the availability of the level playing field to political parties, saying that as only a visually impaired, deaf and dumb, mindless, insensible and apathetic person could ignore the ongoing state terrorism and worst crackdowns against PTI.

Reacting to Solangi’s continuous tirade against the President for his letter regarding the non-availability of the level playing field for the PTI, PTI spokesperson strongly condemned the puppet caretakers for targeting the President for playing his constitutional role to show them the path of the constitution and denying the political level playing field to the largest political force of the country.

He pointed out that the caretaker government was deviating from its constitutional path and subjecting the PTI of the worst state terrorism under nefarious plan; therefore, it was constitutional duty of the President to remind them their constitutional role in this regard.

PTI spokesperson flayed the caretaker minister that ignoring the ongoing worst crackdown against PTI and the unabated state terrorism was the proof of the highest level of his apathy, blindness, senselessness and an act of stupidity.

He noted that the caretaker government was continuing the shameful series of harassing the PTI leaders and workers, forcibly disappearing them, illegal raids on their residences and offices.

PTI spokesperson reminded that the PTI officials and workers were not even allowed to participate in normal routine political activities what to talk of holding public meetings and rallies.

However, contrary to it, he said that a criminal convicted by the court was running a campaign to steal the public mandate under the London Plan in the state patronage.

PTI spokesperson underlined that it was the constitutional and legal responsibility of the caretaker government to provide a level playing field and equal rights to all political parties but unfortunately the current caretaker setup was involved in criminal negligence of its constitutional role.

He advised the caretaker Information Minister to see the ground realities with naked eyes, instead of lying brazenly and boldly to distort the undeniable and irrefutable facts.

PTI Spokesperson urged that the caretaker team should better to focus on their constitutional duties regarding the survival and protection of democracy instead of treading on the path of shameful facilitation of the implementation of undemocratic and unconstitutional agenda. PAK DESTINY

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