Another shameful feather in PTI govt cap… favorite Zartaj Gul sister Shabnam Gul obliged in unique way – Zartaj trolled and her boss trolled on social media

shabnam gul wazir,zartaj gul wazir and imran khan

By Iram Salim

Yet another shameful feather in the Tabdeeli Sarkar of great Imran Khan.
Shabnam Gul, the sister of Federal Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul (weather expert) has been appointed director of the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) for three years. A CLASS Case of favoritism… shame on Khan and PTI.

Shabnam was working as an assistant professor at the Lahore College for Women University and was sent to NACTA as a Grade-19 officer on deputation. At LCWU she was grade 18.

Now a teacher will tell how to counter terrorism. This nation has got rid of previous rulers hoping the new rulers will not be blood suckers and killers of merit. Today the whole nation is pouring curse on this little man who appeared nothing else but a down right lair in each capacity.

Let’s see when we rid of this hypocrite who fooled the nation in the name of truth.

On the other hand Zartaj like stoops too low in chamcha geree. See her video saying we receive Rains because of Imran. Nothing but shame. Pak Destiny

Fawad Chaudhry, the minister for science and technology, took to Twitter to defend her appointment and said “she is a PhD in terrorism and FATA and [was] selected after interviews”.

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