How Covid 19 ‘points’ fame Zartaj Gul and other lawmakers look ridiculous doing heckles in NA

zartaj gul and others ridiculing bilawal bhutto

By Raza Ruman

The Covid 19 points fame Zartaj Gul along with other PTI members heckling the opposition in the most cheapest manner in the National Assembly on Friday during budget session.

Dr Huma Sadaf writes on her Twitter wall aptly: “I m sick to my stomach watching this filthy display of fascism by ministers of ruling party, look at honorable female members laughing and giggling at this sexist, ugly misogynist heckles #Nauseous”.

“These dirty sewer worm are parliamentarians attempt suicide as a nation in shamelessness that we are living in 21st century and celebrating 75the year of independence we have no morality and no chance to learn”, says Maria Nazir.
Yousufzai says: “Bizzare language is PPP and Noon Laegue style.Murad Saeed is abused oftenly by Bulldogs of PPP under the auspices of BB. All liberal goes to sleep on that.

A lady and his father is abused in live progm. No one get up from slumber. But here everyone is alive for Bilo Rani.”
Aima Khosa says: “No difference between a PTI MNA and a petty harrasser on the street.”

What a shame for PTI lawmakers. The lawmakers need to learn some manner. PAK DESTINY

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