PTI’s Popularity Graph Going Down at a Rapid Pace

PTI's Popularity Graph Going Down at a Rapid Pace

By Maryam Farooq Nisar

PTI’s Popularity Graph Going Down at a Rapid PaceIt has now being accepted far and wide that little progress has been made by the state as was anticipated by the ‘dynamic’ leadership of Imran Khan. As per the political and democratic standards a government that fails to come up to the expectations of themasses is termed as unsuccessful. PTI has, by far and wide, been unsuccessful in fulfilling its duties, responsibilities and promises made towards the nation.The present government has failed miserably to protect the rights of the common manand upgrade the welfare of the masses due to its weak leadership.

Undoubtedly, maladministration and ineptitude has emerged as one of the leading reasons for the deterioration of PTI.

The recent petroleum crisis faced by the people has developed an uncertainty and disbelief towards this leadership. The massive hoarding of petroleum across the country is a gauge of the lust of Oil Marketing Companies. (OMCs)It has been ascertained that the Prime Minister will take ‘strict action’ against those who have created this false shortage but this seems to be a typical story now.

Those who had to make use of public and private modes of transport to reach their workstations were in a state of dismay as they were left high and dry.

Thanks to our stars, the country did not come to a widespread cessation but a fractional termination was experienced.

The poverty-stricken society of ours had positioned PTI at a an elevated podium as they had a well-founded credence in affluence coming to them –the assurance made by Imran Khan at the onset of his coming to power.

The PTI government comprises of scores of ministers and a contingent of advisers who claim to be ‘good policy makers’ but their ability is viewed when the times comes to implement such policies.

However, logical evidence supports the opinion that Imran Khan’s government has a dearth of competent advisers and experts who are unable to frame vital stratagems and lack effective cognizance.

PTI government is responsible for lowering Pakistan’sGDPgrowth rate giving rise to many financial issues, paving wayfor unrelentingpoverty and unemployment. This is factually affecting the subduedand low income groups in the society.

It has been viewed that PM Imran Khan’s government is moving from one catastrophe to another at a rapid pace.

Does a government that falls short of protecting the common man’s rights and gratifying its assurances made towards the nation, needs to be tolerated? Should it continue to exist or replaced by good governance? The answer needs a rational approach much needed in the interest of a new and prosperous Pakistan.–Pak Destiny


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