PTI protest’s total outcome – head of Pervaiz Rashid

By Kiran Bokhari

(Pak Destiny) Imran Khan’s achievement of Islamabad protest – head of former information minister Pervaiz Rashid. This seems to be a total gain of Khan in this protest. Mr Rashid must be cursing the PTI for this.

Poor Khan declared the Supreme Court decision a “victory” which appeared nothing but his ‘face saving’. SC has ordered the government and PTI to have consensus on Panama ToRs on their failure SC will decide about this matter.
There are reports that Mr Khan has again been used and the quarters concerned got satisfied catching one prey only in the form of Pervaiz Rashid.
Although the PTI had been continually proclaiming it would lay siege to the capital on November 2, and had managed to generate sympathy when it came to its position on the Panama Papers leaks, the protest ran into significant roadblocks.
The party was also facing difficulty in gathering a sizeable enough crowd as the government had acted swiftly to prevent opposition gatherings, using Section 144 in Islamabad, and separately toughening checks when it came to those crossing from KP into Punjab and the capital.
This was resulting in problems for the party ‘mumy-daddy’ stuff in sustaining the momentum of its protest.
Its better if Mr Khan only concentrate in social works and say goodbye to politics. Pak Destiny

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