Punjab police want to kill camera to stop police torture

Punjab police want to kill camera to stop police torture

By Nazim Malik

What a novel way the Punjab police have found to fix police torture at police stations.

Great idea by Buzdar and company

Buzdar government thinks that it is better to impose ban on use of mobile phones by officials and others at police stations. This is easy solution as there be no footage of police torture and there be no such crime… excellent.

PTI and PMLN bhai bhai when it comes to police torture

Perhaps IGP Arif Nawaz has given this suggestion to mute Buzdar after killing of 16 people in police custody recently. Some of the police torture videos went viral that caused panicky in police and government ranks.

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Commenting on this, PPP leader Shama Junejo: ” Shame on you Punjab Police. Instead of fixing your crimes, you will now hide it?
Now even a complaint cannot take their mobiles to Police Stations because they might expose their humiliating way or torture? Pak Destiny


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