Punjab police’s brutal torture on anti-loadshedding protesters as Shahbaz government can’t tolerate protest against Nawaz government

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, June 11 (www.pakdestiny) Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif who was leading the anti-loadshedding protests in Punjab during the PPP government has now let loose his Elite Force on protesters to teach a lesson to
register a protest against his brother, Nawaz’s government in the centre.
The inhumane torture of protesters and the attack on their houses in Faisalabad today by Punjab police show that Shahbaz Sharif government does not tolerate any protest against Nawaz Sharif’s government in the centre.
The TV footage show the brutal attack of Elite Force jawans on the houses of protesters.
Well done Punjab government. As the PPP is no more in the centre and Shahbaz Sharif does not have to score any more political points he has every right to teach a lesson to his voters through his police force.
“The people will soon realise their mistake of voting for the PML-N for loadshedding issue.” – Pak Destiny

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