Sharifs issues Lahore tickets to ‘opportunists’ and Musharraf loyalist Akhtar Rasool at the cost of loyal party members

By Qadeer Ahmed

Lahore, April 17 ( Shahbaz Sharif has issued tickets to three opportunists – Chaudhry Akhtar Rasool, Zaeem Qadri and Khawaja Imran Nazir – from Lahore for Punjab Assembly despite opposition by the party leaders.

On the other hand, the former chief minister ignored the party loyalists the MPAs of last assembly Dr Saeed Elahi, Dr Asad Ashraf, Ijaz Ahmed Khan and Hafiz Nauman.

When Musharraf sent the Sharifs into exile in Saudi Arabia Akhtar Rasool was among those who wasted no time and joined the former dictator and was on forefront in breaking the PML-N in Lahore.

Rasool used to call the Sharifs ‘timid and coward’ for fleeing to Saudia to save their skin and leaving the party in lurk. It is shame for the Sharifs to embrace such a man.

Khawaja Imran Nazir is accused of massive corruption in differnet contracts while big mouth Zaeem Qadri has earned bad name for the party for his personal attacks on other politicians including the PML-N ones.
Lets see whether Lahorities vote out or not. – Pak Destiny

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