Raja should not cry as he is responsible for his fall from grace

Raja should not cry as he is responsible for his fall from grace

By Raza Ruman

   Ramiz Raja cries while Najam Sethi enjoys his cries…it seems so.

   What happened to Raja he rightly deserved. Raja chose to remain in office when Imran Khan was sent home. Ousted PM Khan had brought him to PCB and after his ouster Raja was advised by Khan to resign in honourable way but instead he tried his best to sit in the lap of Shehbaz Sharif, the incumbent PM.

    Since Raja refuses to opt for honourable exit he was booted out by Sethi finally.

    Instead of resigning, Raja chose to cry.  Raja now ruing “political interference” by amending the cricket board’s constitution to accommodate himself incumbent chairman “Najam Sethi and his thugs”.

  On December 21, in a major top-level change in Pakistan cricket administration, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif nominated a 14-member management committee headed by Sethi to run the PCB affairs till the elections are held within the next four months.

  In a video shared today to his Youtube channel on Monday  in which he responded to questions from the public, Raja said there should be “no involvement of politics in cricket”.

    Raja said it was a game for cricketers and was their playing field, adding that people from outside should not be brought in who “come and attack and think the work you are doing is not right”.

     “You changed the entire [PCB] Constitution to bring in one person, Najam Sethi, and to adjust him. I’ve never seen this anywhere else in the world.”

 Raja further said: “Our cricket will be destroyed this way because when there is no continuity and people are brought in like this through backdoor [means] then what will be your level? Such appointments created pressure on the entire cricketing structure from top to bottom. Only in Pakistan, this can happen that you change the constitution to adjust a person or to bring in his thugs.”

    Raja should stop crying and go back to his old profession — commentary. Dhobi ka ….na Ghar ka na ghat ka — PAK DESTINY

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