Ramiz Raja uses bad language to curse Pakistanis for not bearing with Imran Khan

 Ramiz Raja uses bad language to curse Pakistanis for  not bearing with Imran Khan

By Kiran Bokhari

   Former cricketer Ramiz Raja shamelessly hurls abuses at the people for getting the PML-N and PPP elected for last 10 years in order to please PM Imran Khan to get some position in his government.

   This shameless creature stooped two low that he used indecent language like his leader while cursing the people, politicians and anchors.

   See the real Ramiz Raja’s through his shameful tweet in which his frustration is spilling over.

He says: “What’s gone wrong with our tv political shows and anchors? They have lost it-showcasing opposition’s morbid views who on their watch had fucked up Pakistan. If public is feeling the “price pang”it bloody well deserves it for voting them in power for 10 yrs.#horchuppo” 

Since Imran Khan is using bad language this pygmy even stooped more low that Khan and used the famous “F…K” word.

    Raja should be booted out of this country for cursing the Pakistanis. What a shameful creature he has become of just to get some position either in the PCB or the sport ministry. Perhaps the third rate commentator is about to get his marching order from this job that is why he became so disgusting.   People took him to task on twitter.

One user says: “Seriously. Wasn’t expecting this kind of language from him. And the worst part is that he is attacking the collective wisdom of the people of Pakistan. I mean, who exactly are you sir?

The frustration of every person who advocated for a fraud they called tabdeeli is perfectly demonstrated by the wording used in this tweet. The post tabdeeli apocalypse that has transpired was even beyond the worst nightmares of cult IK. “

-Pak Destiny


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