Reham attacks on Imran Khan’s masculinity, saying he couldn’t satisfy her

Reham attacks on Imran Khan's masculinity, saying he couldn't satisfy her
  • Imran Khan’s performance was not good compare to her first husband

By Raza Ruman

Reham Khan finally revealed why she was not happy with Imran Khan.
In a latest interview the ex wife of Khan said: ” The sexual performance of Imran Khan was not better that her previous husband.”

Reham said that she was expecting good performance from Imran but she got disappointed.

This is for the first time Reham openly talked about her sex life with Imran.
At the same time the she gave full marks to her first husband for performing well on sexual ground.

Reham how lever didn’t mention hee plans for third marriage to have a potential one on this front.
Let’s see Khan responds her lethal attack on his masculinity. Pak Destiny


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