Rehman Malik and Asif Hashmi may not return to Pakistan because of ‘accountability fear’

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, May 21 ( PPP leaders Rehman Malik and Asif Hashmi, who have fled to London and Dubai, respectively, may not return because of fear of accountability by Sharifs.
Both Malik and Hashmi booked their seats abroad after the disappointing results of May 11 elections for the PPP.
As both are accused of committing corruption in their departments – interior ministry and Evacuee Trust Property Board – they preferred to move abroad along with their families.
“Unless some middle men get assurance from the Sharifs that they would not lay hands on them Malik and Hashmi will not return,” said a source. The Sharifs are very happy to get rid of Malik as he was a source of pain in their ….
The PPP diehard workers are deadly against Malik and Hashmi for damaging the party.
Let’s see if Malik holds a press conference in London against the Sharifs as he had been doing here before the elections. – Pak Destiny


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