Saad Rafique’s inning with PMLN is about to be over?

Saad Rafique's inning with PMLN is about to be over

By Raza Ruman

PMLN’s firebrand Saad Rafique seems to be the first main leader who calls it quits after he questioned Nawaz Sharif’s anti-army narrative.

Although PMLN Punjab president Rana Sanaullah on Tuesday clarified that Saad Rafique didn’t oppose Nawaz’s narrative and he is not leaving the party.

However cracks are emerging in PMLN over the Nawaz’s controversial narrative and if Saad says goodbye it will be a major dent to the party in Punjab.

Saad Rafique had recently got relief from the court in Paragon Housing Society corruption case.

There seems to be pressure on him to take on Nawaz and Maryam for their strong anti-army narrative as more corruption cases against him can be opened.

If Saad Rafique quits PMLN there will be many to follow in Punjab. Earlier from Balochistan Gen Qadir Baloch and Sanaullah Zehri have already left the PMLN over Nawaz’s narrative.

Sheikh Rashid has also predicted breakup of PMLN in coming days. PAK DESTINY

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