Sanaullah’s “PTI dancing women” comments and criminal silence of Maryam Nawaz reluctant to condemn anti-women remarks

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) The dancing women comment by Rana Sanaullah has out Maryam Nawaz in an awkward position whether to take action against him or not.

Sanaullah had said: “The women who attended PTI Minar e Pakistan rally on last Sunday were dancing women. They were brought to the rally on rent.”

This comment not only landed the women leadership of PMLN in a quandary but also putting a big question mark on the stance of its head Nawaz Sharif.

Taking no action against Sanaullah means both Maryam and Nawaz endorse his unsavoury comments.
It is a big test for the PMLN leadership. Pak Destiny


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