Sarwar launches efforts to bring Sharifs and Chaudhrys close

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, Sept 4 ( Common friends have launched their efforts to bring Sharifs and Chaudhrys of Gujrat close.
Sources told Pak Destiny that Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar was on forefront to restore the relationship between the old guards of the Pakistan Muslim league.
The sources said though the Sharifs – Nawaz and Shahbaz – nurtured a grudge against the Chaudhrys – Shujat and Pervaz Elahi – Mr Sarwar who is enjoying good relations with both Sharifs and Chaudhrys had requested these leaders to bury the hatchet and begin a “new era of friendship”.
The sources said Chaudhry Sawar believed that once both PMLN and PMLQ joined hands, no other force could challenge the united PML in future especially in Punjab.
The other common friends are also of the view if the PMLQ and PTI joined hands in next elections the PMLN may not put up a good show like it did in May 11 and it would further dent the PMLN ranks.
The common friends are trying to persuade the Sharifs not to be vindictive in the case of PMLQ leadership as well as the PPP. “If they offer hand of friendship to Chaudhrys it will help PMLN complete its term and also not much political foes remain in political arena.” – Pak Destiny


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