SC finally takes notice of Pakistani media owners who are selling their soul for ‘petty gains’

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Are Pakistani media selling their soul only for ratings and petty advertisements?
“Will we sell our soul only for ratings and for petty advertisements to sell a few biscuits?” the Supreme Court has questioned and hinted to take measure to correct the unbridled media for being played at the hands of the vested interest.

The SC bench that was hearing a suo motu notice on the abusive language used during the 20-day Faizabad sit-in made a landmark observation about the ‘notorious’ role the Pakistan electronic media playing these days for its business interests or some other vested interest.
Bench’s head Justice Qazi Faez Isa made it clear that the court may summon media owners if they do not redeem themselves. “Why is the media propagating ‘fitna’ (chaos) by intentionally inviting individuals who spew hatred and indulge in provocation?” he asked.

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He further commented: “Why shouldn’t the court take action against the media? They will only realise [their mistake] when they feel the pinch financially. Under Article 19 of the Consti­tution, the media also has a responsibility to fulfill. Should we go into details if which channels are owned by whom and from where they get their funds?”
Justice Isa asked, recalling that one of the reports specifically mentioned the role of a particular channel in inflaming the sit-in participants. “Will we sell our soul only for ratings and for petty advertisements to sell a few biscuits?”
The time has come that the apex court must intervene and cleanse the Pakistani media of corrupt and black money holders media owners. There are many if they are named… big channels of Pakistan owned by ‘blackias.’ Pak Destiny

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