After SC, ISI is new target of Jang/The News in JIT probe into Panama Papers

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By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) After targeting the Supreme Court in connection with the Joint Investigation Team investigation into alleged money laundering of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his children the Jang/The News now covertly targeted Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) in its recent report ‘Panama JIT was hijacked before its constitution!’ written by a member of Ansar Abbasi so-called investigation cell of the The News.

This story like several previous stories in The News and Jang targeted the JIT directly. The Jang/Geo had already targeted the ISI in Hamid Mir episode.
In his love for its new master – PML-N or the Sharifs – Mir Shakilur Rehman, owner of this leading media group – is ready to take on any institution of the country be it Supreme Court or ISI. It is making efforts every day through malicious stories to malign SC by hitting and smearing the JIT.
Since the SC judges made it clear the other day that they are not child to know who is running malicious media campaign against the SC and JIT on whose order.
This group has been lucky so far to get away with its malicious campaign against the Supreme Court. Despite the SC’s slap on those raising issue of WhatsApp call, this media group is teasing the SC almost on daily basis through its propaganda stories.

Read The News story here

Panama JIT was hijacked before its constitution!

By Ahmed Norani

ISLAMABAD: The Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT)’s work has exposed its own reality as its recent report shared with the SC shows that someone has started work for the JIT even before its setting up by the Supreme Court.­
Who is running the show on behalf of the JIT is not yet officially known, but the JIT complaint regarding obstructions being created in its functioning submitted on June 12 revealed some unbelievable facts about JIT’s pre-birth work.

JIT documents reveal that the team members monitored comments made by 22 journalists, 4 politicians and 3 legal experts in 29 different talk shows on the dates when JIT was not even in existence.

The JIT was constituted on May 05, 2015, while the JIT, in its complaint, disclosed that it has monitored talk shows on the dates 20th April (2 programmes), 21st April (4 P), 23rd April (2 P), 24th April (2 P), 26th April (2 P), 27th April (2 P), 28th April (4 P), 2nd May (2 P) and 3rd May (2P) and reported comments and analysis offered by journalists and analysts in these programmes. Not only this JIT admitted monitoring programmes and noting down comments made by politicians on 20th April (1 Programme), 22nd April (1 P), 2 May (1 P) and 3rd May (1 P). In addition to this JIT also quoted comments made by legal experts in three more programmes on 20th April, 22nd April and 23rd April.

Question arises on which date the JIT was actually constituted and on which date it really started working? One can go through old newspapers, though needless to do that, but monitoring of so many TV talk shows from the dates when the JIT was not even constituted is clearly the work of someone else. Who is that is still a question mark and needs in-depth probe. Despite repeated complaints, no order has been issued for thorough investigations in such issues making everything dubious and controversial.

Starting from the point as to who made the WhatsApp calls; who leaked the picture of Hussain Nawaz; what was the name of the institution of the person who leaked Hussain Nawaz picture; who was providing negative reports about the members nominated by heads of the organisations, and who provided ‘positive reports’ about the members finally selected to the question who allowed call taping of witnesses, and why it was needed – no order for a detailed inquiry have so far been passed. Were these members so sure of their final induction in the JIT that they started work weeks before proper constitution of the JIT? Who gave them such strong assurances?

The JIT quoted comments made by 22 journalists from April 22, 2017, to May 3, 2017. On April 20, the JIT quoted comments made by senior journalist Nusrat Javed as “Till now, I was thinking that ISI, IB and MI were intelligence gathering organisations but not expert in dealing financial issues. Probably the SBI or SIB is used for such investigations inside army who are trained in such things. It’s very dangerous decision because if 4 civilians in the JIT give decision in favour of the PM and MI and ISI give against, then it will mean civil-military tension.”

Complaint also includes comments made by top lawyer Asma Jahangir, who, according to JIT, commented on April 20th as: “The representatives of MI as well as ISI have been nominated for the JIT in Panama case. It is very tragic that nobody even can move a step without MI and ISI permission/assistance.”

According to monitoring of the JIT on April 22, senior lawyer Irfan Qadir also made some comments which hurt the members who were not even members on that date.

Similarly, According to this 120-page JIT complaint, senior lawyer Ahmer Bilal Sufi commented in Geo News programme “Naya Pakistan” on April 23 as: “The personnel of ISI, MI and other agencies have expertise in intelligence gathering not in the evidence gathering. They collect intelligence gathering which is also unauthenticated. The SC wants authenticated evidence whereas both representatives of agencies ISI and MI have no training of evidence collection, so they will collect intelligence and situation will get tense among JIT members.” The JIT also monitored this comment by Sufi Bilal made 12 days before its proper creation.


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