Shahbaz’s media team in spotlight for its role in his photoshop picture

muhammad malick,Michael J. Revness,shahbaz sharif

By Sarmad Ali

(Sarmad Ali) Will Shahbaz Sharif grill his media team boss – Muhammad Malick – for the blunder of photoshopping his picture which was published in newspapers in the Punjab government’s health-specific media campaign.

       The Punjab government’s advertisement regarding allocation of Rs6 billion for 40 district headquarters hospitals in the province appeared in the newspapers this past week. In the picture Shahbaz Sharif is exuding a ‘slim’ look suggesting that he has shed a lot of weight. But it transpired that it was a picture of Michael J. Revness which was photoshopped to make it that of Shahbaz Sharif.

   Michael is a leading legal authority in the security alarm industry, where he serves as general counsel to the Pennsylvania Fire and Burglar Alarm Association and the New Jersey Electronic Security Association.

Michael J. Revness,shahbaz sharif

Shahbaz face on Michael’s body to make him look smart – how interesting

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is quick to describe it as the “handiwork of Shahbaz Sharif himself”.

“Shahbaz continues his fraud with the people,” PTI spokesman Naeemul Haq tweeted.

     Official sources told Pak Destiny that Shahbaz’s media team headed by Malick is responsible for this blunder. “The CM should investigate how his media team is arranging the advertising agencies for such campaigns – are they genuine ones or dummy? ”

The advertising company that is held responsible is M COMM.  While talking to Dawn Punjab government’s

Director General Public Relations Raja Jehangir said the government had immediately suspended the contract with the advertising company responsible for this blunder. “A process of blacklisting the company has been initiated. An inquiry into the matter has also been launched and it will be ensured that no such thing happens in the future,” Mr Jehangir said.

    However he did not tell what action is being taken against Shahbaz’s media advisers who are responsible to look into such campaigns. – Pak Destiny


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