Shahbaz’s new project swarmed by addicts

By Fayyaz Butt

    (Pak Destiny) Shahbaz Sharif government’s another mega project is defaced because of official neglect.

     Coming from Ichra to Muzang Chuangi Lahore the Metro bus bridge has become a house of drug addicts. Built during the construction of Metro Bus to support the motorists and pedestrians for crossing the road it is no more under the eye of any official of Shahbaz Sharif who is these days saving him from Model Town killings and Hudabiya Paper Mills cases.
       Who is responsible for maintaining this and other such bridges? We believe successful construction of Mega Project is not enough. This approach depicts unhealthy minds of our so-called honest officials. A little amount of funds used with an honest style of working can handle the situation which is the demand of the time not only here but also in other projects.
– Pak Destiny


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