Spot out ‘top match fixers’ in this picture of 1999 World Cup cricket team Mohammad Yousuf posted


By Iram Salim

Former cricketer Mohammad Yousuf has rightly mentioned that it was the best team ever of Pakistan cricket.

But can he identify some top match fixers in this team. Perhaps Yousuf may not dare to name them but he knows I am sure. Our readers must know as well. In this picture you will also spot out the king of match fixing. That king managed to get away with his crime.

Only one scapegoat and buddy of that king is punished. Salim Malik was only punished while the other top fixers got away. What a shame. Even the corruption king is enjoying all perks, acting like a respectable man and on top of that PCB has given him a top slot.. what a shame.

This king should better take some shame and quit that top PCB slot. Pak Destiny


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