Zalmi/Haier owner Javed Afridi has to say “sorry” to Sammy for dropping him for Karachi fixture after strong backlash on social media

Strong criticism of Javed Afridi of Zalmi forced him to say "sorry" to Sammy for dropping him for Karachi fixture

By Iram Saleem

Strong backlash on social media forced Peshawar Zalmi owner Javed Afridi to reconcile with most loved Darren Sammy. Afridi, also the owner of Haier, had dropped Sammy ahead of its Karachi fixture.

Sammy twitted that he learned that “you are important as long as the job is done”. That tweet reflected his anger at Afridi. After that tweet social media abuzz with criticism of Afridi who apparently apologised from Sammy.

After that Sammy tweeted: “I can’t believe that the media would think that my bro @JAfridi10 and I would ever have an issue. I’m actually laughing at this. Listen guys I love this man as my own brother. Are u guys serious @PeshawarZalmi is my baby and nothing comes between us. Absolutely nothing.”

One hopes after thus reconciliation Sammy is restored to captaincy. Pak Destiny


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