Sunny Leone more popular than Nawaz Sharif on “GT” Road

A bad news for Mian Nawaz Sharif came today from the other side of the border. Thousands of people packed the roads of Kochi India just to catch a glimpse of Sunny Leone. Means Sunny can bring more people on roads than Nawaz Sharif.

Sunny Leone was overwhelmed by the “sea of love” as thousands sprung up on road for a glimpse of the actress. And Hanif Abbasi seriously thinking some other ways to bring people on Pindi roads to welcome Nawaz Sharif in future. | PakDestiny

VIDEO : Tens of Thousands Welcoming Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone Fans on Road

Nawaz Sharif Rally on GT Road

Even Indian Politician Rahul Gandhi is SHOCKED

Stage Torr Entry

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