‘Supper idiotic’ comments of governor state bank exposes the ‘intellect’ of Imran Khan’s economic team

'Supper idiotic' comments of governor state bank exposes the 'intellect' of Imran Khan's economic team

By Raza Ruman

Nothing could be more sarcastic, teasing and funny than the ‘supper idiotic’ statement of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Reza Baqir.

The genius of south Asia’ claims that depreciation of the rupee against the US dollar benefitted overseas Pakistanis sending remittances to the country. “The number of remittances sent by our overseas Pakistanis — after their hard work and effort — is increasing due to exchange rate fluctuation.”

He said the higher exchange rate had caused some people to lose out but benefitted others as well. “Suppose if our remittances in this year reach $30 billion — we hope they will be even more — and if our exchange rate [against the dollar] in the last few months has depreciated even 10 per cent then an additional $3bn are reaching the families of overseas Pakistanis — this turns out to be more than Rs500bn.”

Any economist can be more idiotic and funny than this genius. On every front the PTI wizards appearing goof… what a tragedy for this country.

Now those who brought this puppet must be worried seeing the state of economic affairs in the country.

The state bank governor appears to be a graduate in some other subject than economics…he should better extend his stay in UK where he held the presser and open some shwarma outlet to make big money.

These bunch of supper genius in PTI regime has astonished the 220million Pakistanis. PAK DESTINY

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