IB, NAB, ECP and other state institutions headed by Sharifs’ cronies, apex court declares in Panama Papers case

By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) Cronies and collaborators of the Sharifs are heading top institutions like NAB, FBR, SBP, ECP, NBP and IB, the Supreme Court declared in the detailed judgement in Panama Papers case.

The Supreme Court clarified in its judgement as why it encroached on NAB’s authority by ordering that references be filed and it appointed a monitoring judge.

The SC said: “To this argument, the Supreme court says that it may have been given some weight “had there been no institutional capture, seizure and subjugation of all the important institutions of the state, including NAB, the Election Commission of Pakistan, the Federal Board of Revenue, the State Bank of Pakistan, the National Bank of Pakistan and the Intelligence Bureau through the cronies and collaborators of the person at the peak, as has been evidenced during the course of hearing.”

“We thus, with our eyes open and minds awake, would not let everything go into the hands of the cronies and collaborators for being taken to a dead end. Once things have been streamlined, they have to be taken to their logical conclusion.”

Take any of these institutions you find a Sharifs’ man sitting on the top. It was well devised strategy Nawaz Sharif planned to have his total control over the power. Similar style is adopted by his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab but somehow he managed to get away with this crime. – Pak Destiny



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