Tainted Gharida Farooqi is back on TV screen, thanks to Aaj TV/Business Recoder owner for his ‘generosity’


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By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) As most media houses refused to have journalist Gharida Farooqi on board for detaining and torturing a maid Business Recorder/Aaj News owner Asif Aziz Zubairi has finally ‘obliged’ her and given her a prime time show on his TV channel.

Social media had praised Sultan Lakhani, owner of Express media group, for sacking Gharida after her scandal of torturing a maid at her Bahria Town residence Lahore made headlines.

According to reports, Gharida tried her best to get a place in major media houses like Geo, Dunya and Samaa but all refused  to have her because of that scandal.

Then here comes Mr Zubairi who not only accepted her with all her scandalous past but also is making her publicity on his newspaper — Business Recorder.

Does this man have any journalism ethics to oblige a tainted journalist? How will she start preaching again on the TV screen what she herself violates? Mr  Zubairi should have thought about this and should not have put his and his media house reputation at stake. – Pak Destiny




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