Tereza Hluskova Case : A full year of trial ends every time on “Tareekh pe Tareekh”

Tereza Hluskova, 21, from the European Republic of Czech, according to Express News, was arrested from Lahore airport to United Arab Emirates this year when from her luggage recovered 9 kg of drugs.

Tereza Hluskova has also denied the attempt of drug trafficking and the matter is under the court.

On Wednesday, Tereza Hluskovawas presented in the Lahore session session, but the customs inspector who arrested the model could not be reached the court. The court adjourned the hearing till 18 September.

On the other hand, during the trial in the court, Tereza was the center of attraction, wearing jeans,kurta and sunglasses. Alog with the lawyer and the police, when Tereza saw that her video was being made she started giving  smiles and posed for the camera as if she is doing a ramp walk.

Before this, the Pakistani super model Ayyan Ali was also caught smuggling foreign currency worth millions of rupees, her appearance in court was also followed by media very closely.

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