Top 20 ways to improve your concentration

Islamabad, Nov 28 News Desk ( With distractions present everywhere, concentrating on work becomes difficult. The human mind isn’t designed to cope with surrounding chaos as each sense picks up on something that could distract us in a second.

However, even though it is difficult to improve concentration, it is not entirely impossible. Perseverance is important in improving your concentration power. Here are the top 20 ways with which you can improve your concentration. Get cracking today!

Select your environment
The environment in which you work plays an important role in improving your concentration.

Comfortable and appealing environments are more conducive to attaining full concentration while working.

Usually, while selecting the environment, keep in mind, the lesser the distractions, the better the chances of working with full concentration.

Control your thoughts
The key to concentration is to not allow your mind to distract you with casual thoughts.

When unrelated thoughts emerge in the mind, pay no attention to them and actively focus on the task you are trying to accomplish.

Make a time plan
Make a schedule for the jobs to be done. In order to balance, allocate time appropriately to serious tasks, and to leisure as well.

This will help you feel more fulfilled and less weak toward playful distractions.

Never be negative
Do not tell yourself that you cannot concentrate; this will make it more difficult to focus, because you will force your mind to be short of concentration and attention.

Avoid Multi-tasking
Multi-tasking ensures that we cannot concentrate on one single task at hand when we have a horde of tasks lying in front of us.

Focus on completing each task before moving on to the next.

Cut off the Noise
Cutting off noise is very important, as it is obvious that distractions won’t help you focus.

Though it can be tempting to put the e-mail alerts on, reply to the BBM or whatsapp messenger and answer every request sent your way, eventually it will only prevent you from concentrating.

Diet and Exercise
Focus depends, to a great deal, on a balanced diet and exercise plan.

Lack of essential nutrients can cause fatigue and lethargy. Ensure concentration by eating a diet rich in nuts and fruits containing Vitamin E, and follow through with a healthy workout routine.

Understand the task
Concentration is particularly difficult if you have doubts about what you are doing or if you find the task confusing.

When work is difficult, the mind looks for easier things to do. Hence, try to get a general overview and develop a basic concept and framework before you start each task.

Conquer Procrastination
Don’t feel like concentrating? Are you putting off a task? This is procrastination.

Do not postpone, in fact simply decide to not leave your seat till the burdensome task is over.

Spot your peak times
All of us have our times of peak alertness in the 24-hours cycle. However, it is not the same for all.

Find out yours and use it for more tricky or less interesting tasks.

Be positive
Whenever you need to focus, tell yourself over and over again that you can concentrate, and this will easily help you to develop this ability.

Divide tasks
Tasks that have no clear start or end point will destroy your focus. If you have a large project that needs work, clearly identify a path that you will use to get started working on it.

Concentration Exercises
Exercise restores the loss in focus by improving mind and body coordination.

Focus is closely related to memory preservation exercises like coin trick, chair trick. This will improve your concentration.

Meditation is not a cure; but, if you can practice sincerely and learn to control the mind you will notice a difference, and slowly improve your concentration power.

Go slow
It is important to discipline yourself as well as put in more time to effective use.

So start small, but stick to it if you are not able to concentrate easily.

Train your brain
In order to improve your concentration you need to train your brain.

If you are unable to focus on a subject for more than a few seconds, but if you preserve, you will be able to fix the mind on anything for a longer duration.

Set a Deadline
Deadlines work well when trying to strengthen concentration.

A deadline can make it easier to forget the non-essential and speed up your working time.

Get enough sleep
Impose a regular bedtime.

Tiredness, fatigue and lack of a good night’s sleep is one of the leading causes of poor concentration.

Steady progress
If you feel you are horrible at concentration, try to make small improvements each week.

If you get distracted for say half of the time, make an effort to get distracted for less time each week.

Manage requirements
Make sure that you have arranged all your requirements before you start with each task.

This may avoid unnecessary distractions, and you will work serenely.

Unite your heart with mind
Applying your mind to the work is a requirement in any case; adding positive attitude makes the real difference.

When you start enjoying the work, your understanding of it and desire to concentrate on it is much faster and better. – (TOI –

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