Veena’s ‘hate’ tweet for Reham — asks her about Rs20m she took from Imran’s friend

Veena's 'hate' tweet for Reham -- asks her about Rs20m she took from Imran's friend

By Raza Ruman

Tainted actress Veena Malik is using totally bazari language these days on twitter which many claim that someone else is handling that account.

Her latest target is Reham Khan, ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan. In her tweet Veena said:

‏عمران خان کے گھر کا خرچ میں چلاتی تھی۔ریحامہ سوترا

یہ وہی عورت ہے جس نے کراچی کے ایک سیاستدان سے دو کروڑ روپے فلم بنانے کیلئے ادھار مانگے اور کہا وزیراعظم کو نا بتانا

پیسے واپس دیے تھے یا پورے کروائے تھے؟”

Veena said Reham had taken Rs20million from a friend of Imran for making a film. Veena brutally took Reham saying that she perhaps compensated that amount through other means.

Let’s see if Reham pays in same coin. Since Reham continously targeting Imran Khan Veena enters to teach her a lesson. Reham is living in London in self exile. Pak Destiny


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