Veena resumes her TV career but fails to make her presence felt

veena malik

By Moniba Ali

( Veena Malik is finally back to the square one.

She started her TV career by hosting comedy programs. Before that she did a few movies. Before saying goodbye to Pakistani film and TV industry she joined the Bollywood and tried her luck. Finding no success she chose to go for a ‘naked’ photo shoot which helped her stay in the Indian film industry for a while but back home she was chided badly for defaming country as well as ISI.

veena malik,isi

After failing to sustain in Bollywood she called its quits and married a young man and performed Umrah and vowed to become a devout Muslim.

After staying away for a couple of years from showbiz world she finally is tempted to it and she of late has resumed her TV career and hosted a couple of programmes for different private TV channels.

Poor Veena although back in TV industry but no body seems to be paying attention to her or her work because it lacks the usual ‘sex’ controversy she used to pour in in her shows. — Pak Destiny



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