Wateen’s CEO and ‘Art of Living’

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, Feb 20 (Pak Destiny) Naeem Zamindar, the CEO of Pakistan’s second largest fiber optic company, has assumed a controversial role to head the “Art of Living” organisation which takes all its directions from an Indian national Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a yoga specialist. For nearly a decade Naeem is associated with Ravi Shankar through “Art of Living” and he is a very frequent traveller to India.
In India, in order to avoid the transfer of valuable and sensitive information and data, it is very strictly regulated that no head or employee of any Indian telecom company is allowed to visit Pakistan or else they lose their job right away.
In Pakistan, security agencies have never allowed Indian telecom companies to operate in Pakistan. Several requests from companies like Tata Telecom have been turned down in past.
But, irony of the fact is that Wateen connects most of the banks in Pakistan and keeps an eye on all the financial data that transmit through its network.
All public sector universities in Pakistan are connected through Wateen Fiber Optic.
Interestingly, Wateen gets all the USF contracts of technology infrastructure installation in Baluchistan and no other gets it this frequently, even the largest operator PTCL fails to do so.
Sources say the company is consistently going through loss but even after this, its Arab owners have never asked its CEO to step down, why?
Is there a more important Anti-Pakistan agenda under the cover of a WiMax operation that does not bother such losses?
Naeem Zamindar has also stated this on various forums that he wants to make a regional data hub of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India through Wateen’s infrastructure.
Also, Wateen and Dhabi Group did Rs2 billion IPO and later bought back the shares in Rs1 billion. Where did Rs1 billion go?
From cultural and religious point of view, Art of Living’s sessions raise lots of questions. – Pak Destiny

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