We lost our children, we lost our dreams

By Aleena Rizvi

It was 7:00 am, she went to kitchen to prepare breakfast for her children, and she knew in twenty minutes they had to leave for school. She rushed to their room to wake them up but she found no one on the beds.
Not only on beds, they were not in the rooms, they were not in the home and they were not in this brutal world anymore. They were killed ruthlessly on 16th December 2014.
And this was going in numerous houses, they had not only lost their children, they lost their dreams affiliated with them, they had lost the investment of their whole life. They do not have any will to live anymore; Happiness has been vanished from their lives.
What these innocents had done to them? They were little angels, the future of this country. What harm they could’ve done to anyone. Their life was their family, friends and their books.
With so much hardship, a father earns to get his son his most wanted cricket kit, the video game he had always wished for or to buy his daughter her favorite doll house or a costumed she had desired the most.
A mother is having a right more than anyone, strives so hard in bringing a child into this world and then forgetting herself totally in upbringing of them. She sacrifices her day and night for the betterment of her children.
I wonder what is left with them, nothing just memories of all the years compiled. Rascals who did not even belong to this country had taken everything away from them and this much away that it would never come back no matter how harder they try.
Who are the ones to be blamed? Army who were not able to protect their own area? Leaders who are so busy in their political war that security had never been concern for them.
How one could be this much cruel to take a life of another person? They didn’t have any heart or how their minds had been polished that taking a life of innocents or taking their own lives doesn’t matter to them.
I question that you seriously think those who left were lucky enough to survive? How could when they had seen their friends in coffins, they had seen so much blood shed in front of their eyes. Will they ever want to go school again? Will their parents let them go away from their eyes for a second?
I have deepest condolences for the families of those who are going through this terrible time. We as a nation cannot do anything to get your dear ones back but we do stand with you to get them justice.

I salute the teachers who were burned alive, even though had a chance to escape but stood there and faced them bravely. They showed us the true meaning of humanity and had set an example for those who run away from their duties.
To punish those who had been doing this since years but this was the height of inhumaneness, this time we want justice of all the flowers that had been rottenly plucked from the roots.
I say to the political leaders that don’t take this incident as you had been taking others. This is not a protest for a day, week or month. This will continue till the day justice will not be given and we could not afford any single life loss anymore.
I pray to Allah Almighty for the justice and to give patience and courage to the families of the left ones to bear this loss. To keep his mercy upon us and to forgive us for what we have sinned. – Pak Destiny


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