Who will hang the abusers of the most beautiful creatures

By Aleena Rizvi

(Pakdestiny.com) I got goosebumps all over my body whenever I hear any news related to Kasur Scandal. It does not only horrifies me but also reminds that our society has blindly engaged themselves in sins which destroyed the whole nations in the past.
I ask myself how one could be this brutal to abuse the most beautiful creatures of Allah. They think they’ll live an immortal life and will not be answerable on the day of judgement.
My heart sinks for the innocents who suffered much of physical and mental torture but couldn’t speak a word for their rights.
Not one or two, for almost ten years this crime had been going and the authorities had an absolute no hint about it.
Very hard to digest the fact, the culprits are not the only those who involved directly but every single person charged with authority is questionable.
Some poor parents had no idea through what their kid had been going but most of them might have barter against the agreed amount of money.
We still have some of the expectations left somewhere that now things are in front of our eyes so we cannot simply play a blind game.
A decade was enough for this ruthlessness and this act should not continue in the future at any corner of the world.
Educate your nation that is the only solution to major issues, Empower the young generation to raise voice against the evils of the society.
Child molestation going under any roof is a crime, not only present but ruined the entire life of a victim.
Ask your child not to feel shy or hesitant talking about this, make themselves aware of ways to protect themselves.
Awareness programmes for parents should set up in rural areas and enforcement of Education as a basic need provided to every child.
We look forward to our so-called Government that the accused must hang till death, it might not lessen the pain but will definitely contribute in granting some amount of justice to them. – (Pakdestiny.com)


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