What is future of Maryam Nawaz?

What is future of Maryam Nawaz
By Kiran Bokhari

  (Pak Destiny)  Finally former premier Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz land in jail in Rawalpindi.

  Maryam must have got an answer for her – Rok sako to rok lo (Stop if you can) — and they have it. In this game of thorns at this moment nothing is going in favour of the old player – Nawaz. Maryam is new entrant and she needs time to learn this lesson. Nawaz thinks he will make a comeback but it is said — Every day is not a Sunday.
  What future holds for Maryam… doing a politics of agitation after getting out of jail or live a life in exile. Time will tell. Will she softens her stance on army at any point of time and tries to cut a deal with it… interesting question. But it’s answer is simple for many —  but seems she will not.

  July 25 is set for making Imran Khan prime minister. But is said there is many a slip between a cup and a lip. Post July 25 scenario will be very interesting. Many unpredictable things will happen. So keep your finger cross .  Pak Destiny


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