Absar Alam pays the price for his love for Nawaz Sharif?

Absar Alam journalist ex-PEMRA chairman pays price for the love of nawaz sharif

By Sarmad Ali

Debate on social media is underway whether Absar Alam, former journalist and ex-PEMRA chairman, was shot at and injured because of his criticism on the establishment.

Alam was shot at by unidentified man in a park where he gone for a walk. His condition is out of danger. A case I’d registered against the unidentified man.

Why he was shot — many say on social media that he had become a complete tout of PMLN and to serve his master Nawaz Sharif he had crossed all limits like he did.

Absar Alam was a graduate but Nawaz for his chamchageeei awarded him the top post of PEMRA when he was prime minister.

Now Absar was planning to join PMLN but before he could do so he wanted to prove how long he could go to target the establishment to please Nawaz. The reward was there in terms of MNA or MPA seat.

So now he proved in his criticism of establishment on social media and he also has a bullet in his belly in the name of Nawaz. There are now many chances that his political career is launched with pomp.

Let’s pray fast recovery of Ansar. PAK DESTINY


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