Where are PEMRA and Salman Iqbal in the face of Nida Yasir’s “brutality” on ARY TV morning show ?

Where are PEMRA and Salman Iqbal in the face of Nida Yasir's "brutality" on ARY TV morning show ?

By Irum Saleem

Where is PEMRA? It’s been over 6,000 tweets with top social media trend to ban ARY morning show host Nida Yasir for humiliating the family of a rape victim but PEMRA is yet to wake up.

Unlike other controversies in this one almost social media users cursed Nida and demanded PEMRA to immediately ban her program.
Salman Iqbal, owner of ARY, also seems to be sleeping somewhere otherwise seeing this horrific social media trend he would have fired Nida so far. It’s a shame for Salman Iqbal.

Be it Lahore CCPO Umer Sheikh, PMLN president Shahbaz Sharif or Nida Yasir… this breed has no sensitivity for victim girls and women.
Nida was so cruel in interrogating the family of five years old rape victim that one feels smacking on her face till she apologises.

One Twitter user says: “We need a show like Dr.Phill where the host should be a certified and trained psychologist with experience of working on gender issues. A morning show host with no ethics n training in dealing with issues like rape shouldn’t be allowed to conduct interviews.#BanNidaYasirShow https:”

Another says: “Seriously it was unintentionally?
As if no one knows that how much appetite of ratings you media anchors have specially the ones who run morning shows so don’t give us this lame reason. BanNidaYasirShow https”.

Junaid jatoi says: “The Program “Morning Show” and Nida Yasir, both should be banned on instant notice by #Pemra because this program is always scripted on disgusting things. They are promoting Indecency through screen. BanNidaYasirShow BanNidaYasirShow https:”

Mahnoor Tariq says: “I knew already that she is a Jahil but she showed her limitless extent. BanGoodMorningPakistan #BanNidaYasirShow https”.

Rana Rahim says: “Pathetic media, pathetic shows, this dumb lady is just cashing the victim’s anguish and misery. BanNidaYasirShow”

He says thy name of lanat is of Nida Yasir. –PAK DESTINY

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