Talat’s tweet spew venom against Imran and ARY anchors

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By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) GeoNews anchor Talat Hussain vent out his anger against PTI Chairman Imran Khan by declaring whole team of ARY anchors “his team”.

The moment he tweeted “Captain and his team” a caption under this picture both PTI and PMLN social media activists started taking on each other’s leadership.

Talat Hussain also got flak from PTI guys who called him a “jealous man” whose hatred against Imran is not going away.
It appears that there going to be a fierce war between Geo and ARY anchors ahead of this year election.
MSR is Marshaling his troops against those of Salman Iqbal.
Poor Talat couldn’t make his impartiality despite earning good name in the past. Pak Destiny


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