Where is BOL’s Shoaib Sheikh and his billions?

(Pakdestiny.com) Does somebody know where Mr Shoaib Shiekh gone? Where is his billions gone and where his BOL Media Network sunk?
Perhaps rotting behind the bars in a Karachi jail SS must be thinking where his all friends in media and other pillars of power are gone who once with him ‘looting’ his money which he was making by selling fake degrees.
It seems the local media too has forgotten this guy who once wished to rule the Pakistani media industry.
Along with him a large number of journalists who joined his bandwagon have been rendered jobless. The anchor stuff has found new masters but the other stuff finding hard to make both ends meet. Who will take care of them?
Even ARY CEO Salman Iqbal left SS hanging in the air. He took control of the BOL TV and then suddenly quit. Nobody except the boys know why…
SS must have gone made in jail thinking about his past ‘glory’. – This blog is written by Iram Salim

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