Who’s dressed best this weekend?

There is no shortage of fashion-savvy celebs these days it seems. In this image-driven era, all celebs want to stand out, using style as a compelling tool.

Here are the gals we have crowned as best dressed this week:

Fouzia Aman:

Everything from her white tee denim combo to her beach waves was on point! Aman gives her laid-back look a kick with some designer candy, like her Dior shades or classic Yves Saint Laurent quilted shoulder bag.

Alia Bhatt:

One of the reasons we love Bhatt’s style is that she dresses her age; so many girls try so hard to look older and it’s almost always a disaster.

By adding those fun badges to her sleeve matching separates and pairing it with a quirky hairdo, Alia looks high fashion but also like she could be the style inspiration for young girls everywhere!

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Rubya Chaudhry:

My, my, Rubya’s looking fly! Chaudhry has always wowed with her unique boho-chic looks and we’re loving the white lace cape (own design!), coupled with a spunky Mango necklace and those silver kicks! We hear the Gigi Hadid lookalike is in the process of designing her own clothing line; won’t that be awesome?

Shraddha Kapoor:

Shraddha established herself as a talented actress in Bolly town after her debut in Aashique 2 but she wasn’t always talked about in the fashion circle — all that seems to be changing! Everyone knows culottes are back and Kapoor is reaffirming just that, worn with a sophisticated, cute crop top from .

Hira Tareen:

Hira chose to wear her own label, Icon Clothing, to the Huawei event this week and she looked smashing; from the off-shoulder, well-fitted black top, her ethnic ball skirt and minimal accessories, we loved the entire look!

Priyanka Chopra

We all know how hard it is to look presentable during or after a flight. If you try really hard, you could look good at the airport but you’ll never look as good as Priyanka Chopra after a long flight from the States to India.

How is that even possible?!

P.S: Everyone should add those red sneakers to their wish list!

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