Why PM Khan bans Maualana Fazl on TV?

By Nazim Malik

Prime Minister Imran Khan has come under scanner for not tolerating the freedom of expression right of JUI-F head Maulana Fazlur Rehman and ordering banning him on private media channels for live coverage.

One is wondering how come this man who himself led 126 days Islamabad sit in where TV channels would give it coverage 24/7 now seems afraid of the Maulana. One winders who is giving such ideas to ban political leaders on TV. It’s rather shameful.

PMLN spokesperson Marriyum Auranzeb gave it’s reaction.
She said: “Imran Khan, the maniacal imposter in Pakistan and his regime have ripped every shred of laws, constitution, rules and decency, to impose his fascist agenda on the people of Pakistan. From disgracing honourable judges mid-hearing to banning broadcast of elected public leaders mid-speech, his ability to stoop lower with each one of his failures is immeasurable yet predictable.”

She further said: “Desperate, and frustrated from his miserable failures, Imran has not only destroyed the country’s economy, but has smeared and disfigured whatever semblance of democratic constitutional freedoms were left under his godforsaken despotic rule.”

“There is no rule in the PEMRA Ordinance that allows for such a fascist act.
Such actions by the shameless beneficiary of uncensored round-the-clock coverage of his lucid and vulgar Dharna speeches only exposed the true shallow character of Imran. His incoherent and indecent ramblings from the container were never interrupted because the Prime Minister at the time, Nawaz Sharif was truly elected and had unshakeable confidence in his voters and the power of their vote.”

She said: “This selected Prime Minister , however, is scared of every truth regarding his inability to deliver an ounce of progress. This censorship and fear of Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman’s press talk proves that Imran is scared of his narrative which implies that the selected Prime Minister has endorsed that whatever the JUI-F Chief was saying was pure truth.

If Imran’s iron-fist is not eliminated, such brutal dismissal of law and flagrant denial of constitutional rights will only incite the most severe of reactions which can be extremely unhealthy for the country.” Pak Destiny


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