Will Murad Saeed seek arrest of Reham Khan after Mohsin Baig for attack on his character?

Will Murad Saeed seek arrest of Reham Khan after  Mohsin Baig for attack on his character?

By Raza Ruman

Why the Imran Khan government felt so vulnerable in the face of  newswire ‘Online’ owner Mohsin Baig’s comment about federal minister Murad Saeed and forced to arrest Baig in a bizarre fashion.

    The act has further generated curiosity on what Baig had said about Murad…the search engine on social media sought for this.


According to a press release issued by the investigation agency, the FIA’s Cyber Crime Circle raided Baig’s house after obtaining a search and seizure warrant from the relevant court.

    “During the raid, Mohsin Baig and his son and servants directly fired at the FIA team and made two officials hostage. Baig was arrested after he ran out of bullets and was taken to Margalla police station,” FIA says and adds it conducted the raid on the complaint of minister Murad Saeed.

   Later FIA registered a case against Baig at a cybercrime reporting centre of the agency in Lahore under Sections 20 (offences against the dignity of a natural person), 21-D (offences against modesty of a natural person and minor) and 24 (cyber stalking) of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 read with Sections 500 (defaming army officers) and 555 (statement conducing to public mischief) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

  FIR says Mohsin Baig has made character assassination of Murad Saeed by using “immoral and abusive language” in a talk show (of Gharida Farooqi) .

   Baig’s comments about Murad were insinuating that some ‘other factors’ were behind the first award given to his ministry by PM Khan were not performance based.

    Subsequently, PEMRA had issued a show cause notice to NewsOne and Gharida’s show was reportedly taken off air by cable networks.

  Baig said some unknown persons, in civil dress, had trespassed his house on Wednesday morning. He made a call to police helpline after which police officials reached the spot.

   An ATC remanded Baig into police custody for a three-day remand.

   The arrest of Baig was one of the top trends on Twitter. “This should be condemned by journalists as well as this is not the way how journalist was expected to behave.Even Hamid Mir is confirming during the arrest process FIA sent message to Mohsin Baig while standing outside of house to surrender. But they reacted & resisted, fired,” one Azhar says.

   Ess Fazl said: “Trust me Fawad Chaudry will come for his rescue exactly the way he rescued Hamid Mir’s brother who ridiculed the First Lady.”

   Tariq Khan tweeted “Our few journalists like MOHSIN BAIG / HAMID Mir and NAJAM SAITH I feels that they are above the law and can do any thing under the garb of freedom of speech . This third rated so called journalist few days back passed remarks against Imran khan on TV channel.”

   “Pak Senator Khan says Pak has poor record of media censorship. One  TV channel shut, two journalist killed, Hamid Mir banned from TV w/o any case. Which is that invisible hand whish has stopped Hamid Mir from appearing on TV?” Nadeem Ahmed said.

   Let’s see how this Murad Saeed saga goes…whether government dares to arrest Reham Khan? PAK DESTINY

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