Reham a strong ‘weapon’ of PML-N against Imran

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By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) Why Rehman Malik chose Nov 4 to disclose that she had contracted ‘secret marriage’ with Imran Khan on Oct 31, 2015 a day ahead of Supreme Court hearing in Panama case?

The answer looks simple… she is openly playing at the hands of the PML-N to target Imran. Reham seems to have become a permanent ‘weapon’ of PML-N to attack Imran. At the same time Imran should be ashamed of telling lie about his Nikah.
In 2018 election, Reham will be the Ace card of N-League and lets see how PTI will tackle her. By the way Reham has enough money now as she is making movies. Pak Destiny


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