Zaid Hamid breaks silence alleges pro Indian and Geo behind his tale of miseries in Saudia

  • Zaid says he was labelled as “Iranian spy”
  • Accuses Geo for running his death news
  • It was ARY reporter that ran his death news
  • Tries to become army backed champion

By Raza Ruman

( Controversial security analyst Zaid Hamid finally broke his silence saying pro Indian lobiies like Geo media group wanted his hanging at the hands of Saudi Arab.

“I was arrested by Saudi authorities several months ago considering me Iranian spy. A tweet was circulated that I am an Iranian spy,” Hamid said in an interview to his favourate channel ARY.
Hamid said India and pro Indian lobbies like Geo media group wanted “my head cut off” in Saudi Arabia.
He said in media such a lobby ran a new of his death. “Now investigation against such elements has been completed and trial will be run against them in military court,” he said. But interestingly Zaid Hamid had forgot to mention that it was ARY reporter Asad Kheral who had tweeted that Zaid Hamid was killed in Mina stampede. He should have better blamed ARY for playing at the hands of Indian lobby too to make his point.
He openly said the army played a role in his release trying to show that he is really cared by the army… Really. —


Watch Zaid’s interview here

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