Zaradri agrees to Sharif’s ‘mini-budget’ demand to save his (president) office

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, May 23 ( President Asif Ali Zardari has agreed to the condition of prime minister in-waiting Nawaz Sharif to sign an ordinance for ‘mini-budget’ and in return he (Sharif) assured that the PML-N will not demand his (Zardari) resignation.
Sharif played his cards well as he knew that if his government brought ‘anti-people’ budget this June the people would start cursing it and PTI and other parties cash in on it.
“You ask the caretaker government to bring mini-budget introducing new heavy taxation measures and in return I assure you that no one from my party will demand your resignation and you will complete your term till September,” Sharif reportedly told Zardari, Pak Destiny learnt.
Zardari having no other option to save him from impeachment gave in to the demand of Sharif.
Zardari must be thinking that it is now his term to take dictation before he fades away in this September. – Pak Destiny

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