Zartaj Gul brings in ‘prostitution talk’ to take on Hamid Mir

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By Iram Salim

Federal Minister on Environment Zartaj Gul gets unleashed at anchor Hamid Mir telling him that a prostitute is better than a journalist who sells his pen.

She literally called him worse than a prostitute. Zartaj Gul, a favourite of PM Imran Khan, is angry with Mir for exposing her in the appointment of her sister in NACTA in violation of merit.

Perhaps exposing this nepotism is selling journalism for Zartaj Gul. Hamid Mir should openly condemn and take on this minister for using bad language like her leader and also baseless allegations.

Zartaj Gul should be ashamed of influencing NACTA to recruit her sister on deputation. In fact a minister who is involved in nepotism is more criminal. Pak Destiny


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