A curious case of Dr Firdous’ follies

firdous ashiq fight with qadir mandokhel

By Raza Ruman

Read the tweet of Firdous Ashiq Awan and you find that habitual lairs have a great place in this country.

Awan saying that she is planning to sue PPP”s Qadir Mandokhel for using bad language against her and her father. Wow and the slap she hit on his face.

I think she should also send a legal notice to Mandokhel for receiving a slap from her. Not tired of every day lie, Awan should at least have not said that she was thinking to issue legal notice to the PPP leader.

Had she been in any country of Europe according to Imran Khan she might have been in jail for slapping a man in full view of camera. Will she ever be accountable in this country or this is her job to tell lie on every front. What a shame.

Let’s see what Prime Minister Imran Khan does on this. Whether he takes action against her or give her a medal. PAK DESTINY

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