‘Silent’ Buzdar’s dilemma — to be or not to be

'Silent' usman Buzdar's dilemma -- to be or not to be

By Raza Ruman

One can only feel sorry for poor Usman Buzdar who happens to be the chief minister of Punjab province.
Buzdar got very upset in the Punjab Assembly during the budget session on Monday when opposition started heckling him.

He got so upset that he strongly condemned the opposition’s behaviors when he came out of the House.
Poor Buzdar having mandate of Prime Minister Imran Khan can only boast about this.


Since Buzdar is famous for being a ‘silent CM’ his media advisers keep pushing him to have more interaction with media.
The dilemma is if he talks to media he gets further exposed and if he doesn’t he is taunted as a man who even cannot talk.
All sympathies to poor Buzdar who one day will learn how to perform and how to talk. PAK DESTINY

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