A female anchor tries to establish Murad-Khan relation like Reham did… Pemra issues notice to BOL

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By Iram Salim

BOL TV anchor Dr Fiza has followed Reham Khan’s line asking as why seven PMLN leaders contacted this “cute” minister Murad Saeed to get NRO from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Dr Fiza commented that Murad is so close to Khan that PMLN leaders are contacting him for NRO.
“It is not one or two rather seven PMLN leaders contacted Murad… because he cute and close to Imran Khan. And now Khan making him full federal minister,” she said.

Dr Fiza spoke the language of Reham Khan that Murad Saeed has special relations with Khan.
It is not worthy of journalist like Fiza to make such a bizarre allegations on Saeed.
Listen her video here

Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority also has taken notice of this and issued warning to BOL for airing these derogatory remarks.
Although BOL is favourite of PTI government let’s see if it let go of this slander of its minister. Pak Destiny


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