A perfect suggestion to deal with Covid-19

A perfect suggestion to deal with Covid-19

By Prof Dr Majid Chaudhry

    It’s amazing how little is our requirement. Humans always overestimate to the hilt and never achieve the fill.

   We always go for the overkill. By the time one realises it’s too late. Alexander the Great learnt it well and requested if his empty hands could be left outside the grave.

    Very scary unofficial reports from Karachi reveals the no cases is much higher than our imagination.

    Just met a person in the hospital who said he has come from abroad and I just paid six thousand bribe and came out without any examination.
     Three of his family members are now positive.

Imagine the state of affairs in our country. On the roads of Lahore just now I saw the usual hustle bustle and one gets the impression that are rushing to conquer the corona virus. Oh  lord have mercy on us.

     I feel we should go for lock down. Daily wages workers should be around ten million. If govt feeds them for ten days it would cost around ten billion rupees which should not be a big deal. This can definitely contain the no of cases and should be very helpful to spread the disease.
     In Pakistan no one seems to take it seriously.

We should not wait to trea the patients, we should take pre emptier measures and proactive approach. This is the only solution at this moment and time. Pak Destiny

Professor Dr. Abdul Majeed Chaudhry

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