A squabble with Gen Amjad led to pressure on Chan to resign from PM’s spokesperson office

By Sarmad Ali

It is believed that Nadeem Afzal is asked to tender resignation from his spokesperson for PM Imran Khan slot after talking about the corruption of former powerful general Javed Ashraf Qazi.

In a talk show of Asma Sherazi the other day Chan exchanged harsh words with retired Gen Amjad Shoaib over the corruption of former railway minister Gen Qazi.

Amjad got upset when Chan pinpointed corruption in railways under Qazi and infamous land lease agreement to build Royal Palm Country Golf Club.

Gen Amjad was literally threatening Chan for raising corruption of Gen Qazi.

Days after that program Chan was asked to resign from his office.
Hopefully the PTI supporters and sympathisers will be disappointed and know the real “auqat” of their leaders in this game of power politics. Pak Destiny


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