The big boss is still with Khan?

The big boss is still with Khan

By Irum Saleem

The big boss is still here to pat at the back of Imran Khan. This message was given to the opposition in it’s failure to defeat the government on electronic machines.

The opposition especially the PMLN was very happy that since Let Gen Hameed is leaving ISI on November 20 the establishment no more support Imran Khan.

But it had got 420 voltage to it’s surprise that he still stqys put and being fully backed like in the past.
The opposition primarily crying over this and mourning for its miscalculation. The absconder Nawaz too on Thursday shed his mottay ansu (thick tears) for what had happen to the opposition with the parliament on Wednesday.

“Will those who stole General Elections 2018 and bulldozed 33 Bills incl EVMs & State Bank yesterday, share with the Nation their hidden agenda as to why this has been done to slide the country further down the hill?” Nawaz cried while sitting back in London.

Before that he was keeping a mum not speaking against the establishment. Now suddenly he realised that Abu is still Khan and he started crying ….foul play.

The Imran Khan on Wednesday triumphed in getting through a record number of 33 bills, including the controversial bill on electronic voting machines (EVMs) and I-voting for the overseas Pakistanis, from the joint sitting of parliament after facing initial resistance from the opposition which later desperately resorted to a noisy protest and a token walkout from the house after failing to complete its numbers. PAK DESTINY

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